SoBear, LLC. Makes Donation to the Orange County Hispanic Bar Association

SoBear, LLC. Makes Donation to the Orange County Hispanic Bar Association

Southern California Company Donates “SoBears” in support of Law School Scholarship Fund


El Segundo, CA: SoBear, LLC, an addiction support company, proudly announced its donation in support of the 36th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser and Installation Dinner of the Orange County Hispanic Bar Association ( on March 1, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Garden Grove, California. The donation of “SoBear’s” was part of the Silent Auction whose proceeds go to fund the Wally Davis Scholarship – a scholarship aimed at helping law school students with their tuition.


Of the company’s donation and participation in the OCHBA’s event, SoBear’s Founder and Managing Director, Anthony Boisselle remarked, “We recognize the role that the legal profession often plays for those who are battling addiction or in recovery. And it is all the more reason to support those in the legal community that are an advocate for the community and we recognize the OCHBA to be one of those organizations whose membership are such advocates.” In response to SoBear’s donation to this year’s Scholarship Fundraiser and Installation Dinner, OCHBA President, Diana Lopez, remarked, “Thank you to SoBear, LLC for their donation to our silent auction and for the wonderful work they do.”


About SoBear, LLC.SoBear, LLC is an addiction support company based in El Segundo, CA. Founded in 2012, SoBear has found a way to assist those in drug and alcohol recovery by providing addicts with tokens of sentimental value which provides them with an opportunity to stay committed to a life of sobriety. SoBear recognizes that there are hundreds of well qualified and effective treatment options and facilities across the United States. And it advocates that the first step to recovery is acknowledgement of the addiction, SoBear promotes that there is another crucial component to successful recovery and that is in the form of supporting those who are battling addiction. Whether it be physical, spiritual or, financial, supporting those in recovery is vital to recovery success. SoBear has made their efforts public in an effort to gain awareness about the effects addiction has on so many and to offer their services and support to a broader population. Consisting of an interactive website, the public can show their support of addiction recovery, through the purchase of various products which are meant to show support and encouragement to those battling addiction. In the coming year, SoBear seeks to expand their support to those in recovery by becoming an activist and raising awareness of why supporting those in recovery is so vital towards their success.